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Registration Process

Step 1 - Registering Your Company:

In order to register for a free trial you will need to provide the following information:

  • A company name: will be used as the organization identifier for the trial.

  • A company email: The admin’s email for the trial account. We do not allow the usage of common non-corporate related email domains.

  • A location for VPN: This will be the organization’s headquarters and the VPN location for the trial with the goal of low latency when interacting with content.

  • A company URL: Your company’s public URL.

Step 2 - Creating an Account

You will receive an access code on the company email you provided in the previous step, submit the received code and click Continue to be redirected to the account creation, Fill in the form with your information in order to create an account on the Enterprise Platform

Once you have successfully completed your account information a validation email will be sent containing a unique URL to proceed with the free trial.

Step 3 - Survey

Opening the email and using the provided link will land you on the platform and you are asked to complete an interests survey for your company so that the platform offers some content recommendations for the trial.

You can select as many training areas of interest as you like and proceed to the next step, of selecting how many hours per week each member of the team is expected to spend training on the Enterprise platform

Step 4 - Getting Access to The Trial

By clicking the “Proceed” button you are redirected to Recurly in order to add your credit card information.

You won't be charged at this point. We require users to add their credit card information before accessing the trial to ensure a seamless transition should you decide to continue using the platform beyond the free trial period, having your credit card on file ensures a seamless transition to a paid subscription. You don't need to worry about interruption in your access.

After adding all the needed information and clicking Subscribe you will receive an Invoice of 0.00$ to your email confirming your free trial.

The trial period is free and it will auto-renew after the trial unless it was canceled.

The price displayed on the Recurly page reflects the payment of the Lite plan coming after the free trial ends.

Once you are done with the steps above you will be redirected to the Enterprise Platform where you can start your free trial.

Inviting Users

You can start inviting your colleagues to the platform right away using the steps mentioned in the following article, you can invite as many users as you want but can only assign 2 seats at a time.

Academy Lab

Adding Content to Your Academy Lab

By clicking on Manage you will land on the Recommended tab that contains suggested content based on the training areas that you selected on the survey page. Each training area content is presented in a list with the title of the training area at the top. You can easily navigate to the training area of choice by clicking on the pills at the top of the list. To view all training areas, You can click the “All” pill, and scroll through to see all suggested content. Clicking “Add to Lab” the specific content is added to the lab.

You can find more information on managing the Academy Lab here :

Dedicated Lab

Adding Content to Your Dedicated Lab

Entering the Manage interface you will see a list of recommended Machines, Challenges, and Sherlocks for you to add

You can find more information on managing the Academy Lab here :

Manage Subscriptions

Under Management, Company Profile, and Subscriptions tab you can find your current active plan:


From this tab, you can upgrade your plan to Lite plan at any time during your trial. This button allows you to instantly upgrade to the Lite Monthly plan. Payment is carried out directly in the Enterprise platform using the credit card you have already provided when creating the trial. The final price might include additional taxes based on the country.

Countries with additional VAT charges are:

United Kingdom, Australia, European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Slovakia)

Cancel Your Trial

By clicking the “Cancel Lite Plan subscription” you will see a confirmation box and you can choose "Cancel now" for the trial to expire, any user in the organization can only see the Company profile pages for Settings and Subscription page and the My Profile page.

About The Free Trial

The free Trial on the Enterprise platform offers 14-day access to what the Lite plan offers. When in the Lite plan free Trial you will get:

  • 25+ beginner-friendly and 300+ recommended content in Dedicated Labs

  • Guided mode feature in Dedicated Labs, more on that feature here.

  • Core learning modules, Custom Learning Paths in Academy Labs.

  • Reporting and Skill progression information for all completed content, here

  • 3 Seats available for assignment during the trial, more information here

  • Unlimited pwnbox time for those 14 days of the trial

During your 14-day trial, you'll receive email reminders regarding your trial status and its duration, as well as notifications about the auto-renewal at the trial's end, which will automatically charge your provided credit card.

At any point during your trial, you have the option to visit the Subscription page to upgrade to the Lite Monthly plan, additionally offering access to:

  • A dedicated VPN server for your organization

  • Official Write-ups for all Academy and Dedicated Labs content,more on lab settings.

  • Ability to create more Spaces for your Academy Lab

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