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What services does Hack The Box offer for Businesses?

Hack The Box cooperates with top-level Fortune 500 corporations, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and educational institutes, providing dedicated cybersecurity training labs, bespoke training, and talent search services.

Companies can train their security team (and security-aware staff) with our Dedicated Labs, enjoying exclusive offerings and access to our vast selection of Machines and Challenges, Professional Labs for a realistic corporate attack surface and even Cloud Labs for the most up-to-date attack vectors aimed at cloud resources. Additionally, companies can post targeted, rank-restricted job openings with our Talent Search platform, having access to a massive community of talented security professionals.

We also include HTB Academy content on our Enterprise Platform, allowing your team to work through our guided training content and certifications.

For more information on the value Hack The Box can bring to your company, and learn more about the other services we offer, check out our company services page.

General benefits of switching to the Enterprise Platform:

  • Ability to create teams and assign roles within your organization's account, reflecting internal structure

  • Progress linking for Machines and Challenges with individual accounts on the HTB Labs

  • Guest users, allowing temporary and restricted access to participate in the labs

  • Private VPN server and scoreboard for privacy and intuitive user experience

  • Ability to engage multiple admins to offload administrative tasks

  • Voluntary access to the official detailed walkthroughs for all Labs and retired Machines (excluding Challenges and active Machines present on HTB Labs)

  • Advanced global, team-based or individual reporting for all available content

  • Mapping between MITRE ATT&CK techniques and user/group levels

Dedicated Labs offer:

  • Easy user management and visibility

  • Multiple license levels, accommodating for all sizes of organizations

  • 2 exclusive Machines every month, available only to Enterprise customers

  • Ability to upload custom-made Machines

  • Flexibility in creating multiple Dedicated Labs for segregated management

Professional Labs offer:

  • Ability to wipe and redeploy labs on command

  • Flexible scenario switching after scenario completion

  • Company-wide and individual certificates of completion

  • Unlimited Pwnbox

Cloud Labs offer:

  • Ability to wipe and redeploy labs on command

  • Scenarios setup on real cloud infrastructure

  • Explore the latest PaaS and IaaS vulnerabilities

  • Flexible scenario switching after scenario completion

  • Company-wide and individual certificates of completion

  • Unlimited Pwnbox

Academy Labs offer:

  • Ability to create paths based on your training scenarios

  • Easy user management and visibility

  • Unlimited attempts on our Certifications

  • Unlimited Pwnbox

Talent Search offer:

  • Access to a talent recruitment pool of over 1 million users

  • Bilateral flow - users can search for companies, and companies can search for users

  • Ability to filter potential hires by specific skill matrix values

  • Ability to filter potential hires by geographical location

Is it possible to trial or demo any of the above offerings?

Yes, we can provide you access to a trial or workshop to let you try out our platform.

Please use the Book a Call button at the top of this article or contact the sales team at [email protected]. Be sure to specify the needs and size of your team so that they can provide additional information and the next steps.

Do business customers get access to full write-ups?

Dedicated Labs give you access to the entire pool of Hack The Box Machines and Challenges, both Active and Retired. Write-ups are provided for all content except the Active Machines (part of our competitive model on our HTB Labs site) and challenges, which do not have writeups.

Additionally, if you opt for the Advanced or Enterprise plans of Dedicated Labs, you'll gain access to Exclusive Machines, which have writeups available as well.

Professional Labs and Cloud Labs customers get full write-ups for any scenario they decide to play.

Writeups for Academy Modules may also be available.

Are there limits to how many users I can invite?

There is no limit to how many users you can invite to your organization/company on our Enterprise Platform.

The limit of how many users can access your purchased content at one time depends entirely on the details of your purchase agreement with us. Every lab you purchase will have a certain number of rotatable seats you can assign to allow users to access the lab.

The number of seats you get will be chosen during the purchasing process and can always be extended later if needed. While there is technically no limit on how many seats you can purchase, if the number does get too large, we'll likely split up your purchase into multiple labs to ensure a frictionless experience.

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