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Syncing an Enterprise Account to the HTB Labs Platform
Syncing an Enterprise Account to the HTB Labs Platform

Learn how to sync your progress on the Enterprise Platform to HTB Labs (formerly the "Main Platform") with SSO.

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If you have accounts on both the Enterprise and Main Platforms, we now support the ability to sync your progress and activity between those two accounts. We want you to feel rewarded for completing content, no matter which platform you are playing on.

Once an Enterprise account is linked to a Main Platform account, any activity on one Platform will be transferred to the other. Submitted a flag on your Dedicated Lab? This own will also appear on your Main account as well! Finished a Box in the Release Arena during release night? No worries, your Enterprise account will pick this up.

Setting up SSO

To get started, first navigate to your profile settings page on the Enterprise Platform.

On your Profile Settings page, there will be a button to Manage SSO Account. Click that to be taken to the SSO Platform.

You will be given the option to either create a new SSO account, or alternatively, if you Main Platform account was created before March 21st, 2022, you can login with the same credentials you use to login to the Main Platform.

If your Main Platform account was created after that date, go ahead and sign up for a new SSO account. This account will only be used to manage your SSO settings. Make sure to verify your email after registration.

Once logged in, go ahead and press the Link Account button next to SSO to Enterprise. Assuming you are already logged into the Enterprise Platform, this will link your EP account to your SSO Account.

If you aren't already logged into Enterprise at this point, it will prompt you to do so.

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After that, go ahead and click back to the SSO Platform and repeat the same process for Link to Main Platform. Once again, if you are already logged into the Main Platform, it will link your account automatically. Otherwise, you will be prompted to login.

At this point, you are done! Congratulations. Any Box or Challenge solves you have one platform will be transferred to the other (with the exception of Enterprise-exclusive content).

Keep in mind that activity synchronization isn't instant, but rather happens in bulk, so it may take up to a day for activity on one platform to be reflected on the other.

NOTE: Only Machine and Challenge progress can be synced through SSO at this time. Pro Lab progress does not sync. Solves for HTB Seasonal Machines will sync, but this will not translate to progress in an HTB Season itself.

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