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Syncing an Enterprise Account to the HTB Academy Platform
Syncing an Enterprise Account to the HTB Academy Platform

Learn how to sync your progress on the Enterprise Platform to HTB Academy using the HTB Account.

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If you have accounts on both the Enterprise and HTB Academy, we now support the ability to sync your progress and activity between those two accounts. We want you to feel rewarded for completing content, no matter which platform you are playing on.

Once an Enterprise account is linked to an HTB Academy account using the HTB Account, any activity on one Platform will be transferred to the other.

Linking Enterprise and Academy Accounts:

In order to link your Enterprise account to the Academy account you will need to set up the HTB Account and link it to both accounts using the following steps:

Once you have your HTB Account linked to Enterprise and Academy the sync will happen automatically and you can see your progress moving up.

At this point, you are done! Congratulations. Any Exercise answers, completed Sections/Modules, and Paths you have on one platform will be transferred to the other.

Your Progress will automatically sync between the two platforms almost in real time.

NOTE: Certifications and Exams do not sync; users can exclusively acquire and download their certificates from the platform where they completed the exam.

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