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Academy for Business

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Academy for Business labs offer cybersecurity training done the Hack The Box way. Academy offers step-by-step cybersecurity courses that teach both theory and practical skills. By completing Academy Modules, users can couple in-depth course material with practical lab exercises.

Here on some examples of Modules we have on offer:

  • Documenting & Reporting

  • Attacking Authentication Mechanisms

  • Introduction to Deserialization Attacks

  • Information Gathering - Web Edition

Academy Labs come with the following:

  • Unlimited Access to Training Content

  • Reporting and Progress Tracking

  • Flexible User Seats

  • Lab Organization via 'Spaces'

  • Guided Job Role and Skill Paths

  • Custom Playlists

  • Certification Exams

Academy Overview

Academy Labs offer the ability to access our training modules. You can control what content your users can access and curate it for different users if needed. We organize Academy Content in a few different ways.


Example Module : Active Directory Enumeration & Attacks

Modules are individual courses in a particular subject. They are broken up into individual Sections, which can be thought of as chapters. Each section contains reading material and examples of a particular topic being taught.

Many sections include Interactive Targets with assessment questions that need to be answered. These target systems allow users to put what they've just learned in the section immediately into practice.

Many modules contain Skill Assessments at the end, which are unguided challenges meant to test you on the entire content of the Module.

Role Paths

Example Path : Penetration Tester

Role paths are a series of modules that have been hand-curated and ordered by HTB, and our tied to our various HTB Certifications. Each Role Path has a corresponding Certification that it works towards, and vice-versa.

For example, the Bug Bounty Hunter path heavily focuses on web-app pentesting. It works toward our CBBH - Certified Bug Bounty Hunter exam.

The Penetration Tester path is more encompassing and teaches you everything you need to be a practical and fully functional penetration tester in the real world. It works towards our CPTS - Certified Penetration Testing Specialist exam.

Skill Paths

Skill paths are also hand-curated and ordered by Hack The Box. Instead of working toward a particular certification exam, Skill Paths are focused on a particular skill or topic.

Local Privilege Escalation, for example, contains modules on Linux and Windows Privilege Escalation. The CREST CPSA/CRT path contains modules designed to train you for CREST exams.


Playlists are like paths, with one key distinction: you are the one who curates them, not us. They allow you to build custom lists of content that you or other administrators in your organization can use to deploy predetermined content to the lab quickly.

You can deploy as many playlists to your lab as you like, and reuse them in the future.


Spaces let you break up your single Academy lab into multiple 'virtual labs.' Each space you create can have different content, different users assigned, and can have its reporting viewed separately.

This is particularly useful if you have different teams or different types of users on your lab. Looking to onboard new hires? Create a space for Junior Pentesters, and fill it with content to help them master the fundamentals. Want to upskill your seasoned employees? Create a space just for them, with more advanced content.

Spaces give you the opportunity to hand-tailor the learning experience for the different employees you will receive training. Need help brainstorming use cases? Our Sales Engineers or Customer Success team will happily work with you to maximize their value.


Through Academy, we offer industry-recognized certification exams. Our practical examinations are designed to provide and ensure job proficiency in various cybersecurity roles. We keep the content constantly up-to-date, and our course material is highly rigorous.

Through HTB Certifications, individuals will develop and prove deep technical competency in various cybersecurity domains.

As mentioned in the Job Roles section, each Certification is accompanied by a Job Role Path. The corresponding path contains all the modules used to train and prepare for the exam. To qualify to take an exam, a user must first fully complete the corresponding job role path.

To learn more about Certifications, such as the current certifications on offer, or specific details about the exam, please see the dedicated page on the HTB Academy site.

Click the button below to learn more about getting certified:

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