Admins and Moderators have the ability to manage and provision Dedicated Labs. This includes adding and removing Machines and Challenges to and from the lab.

Dedicated Labs have a Lab Capacity that determines how many Boxes and/or Challenges can be added to the lab. You can choose which content you want to provision to your lab to fill these slots, and have the ability to swap out content as you please.

Adding Content to Your Lab

To provision content to your Dedicated Lab, navigate to your lab's page and press the Manage button.

You can scroll through the list of Boxes in its entirety, search for a Box by name, or filter Boxes by tags, such as their attack path and programming language.

Once you've chosen a Box, you can provide it to your Dedicated Lab by pressing the Add to Lab button. The same process applies to Challenges as well.

Note, this button won't be clickable if you already have provisioned your lab to its maximum slot capacity for the given content type. If you are trying to provision a Box, you'll need to remove a Box from your lab first, and likewise for Challenges.

Removing Content from Your Lab

Deprovisioning content from your lab is just as simple as provisioning it. In the lab menu on the right, scroll to the piece of content you would like to remove, press the menu button, and then click Remove from Lab.

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