Dedicated Lab Provisioning

Learn how to provision content to your Dedicated Lab and manage lab settings.

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Admins and Moderators have the ability to manage and provision Dedicated Labs. This includes adding and removing Machines and Challenges to and from the lab.

Dedicated Labs have a Lab Capacity that determines how many Machines and/or Challenges can be added to the lab. You can choose which content you want to provision to your lab to fill these slots and have the ability to swap out content as you please.

Adding Content to Your Lab

To provision content to your Dedicated Lab, navigate to your lab's page and press the Manage button.

On the Assigned tab, you can view the list of content you already have :

To add new content, you can navigate to the Machines tab and scroll through the list of Machines in its entirety. By clicking on the content, you can preview its description, the Area of Interest, Technologies, Security Tools, and Techniques. This preview will help you get more details about specific content to assist you in choosing whether to add that content to your lab or not.

Once you've chosen a Machine, you can provide it to your Dedicated Lab by pressing the Add to Lab button. The same process applies to Challenges as well.

Note this button won't be clickable if you already have provisioned your lab to its maximum slot capacity for the given content type. If you are trying to provision a Machine, you'll need to remove a Machine from your lab first, and likewise for Challenges.

To help you find the content you are looking for, you can search the Machines by Name or use filters by Difficulty, Operating System, Area of interest, Technology, and Vulnerabilities :

Removing Content from Your Lab

Deprovisioning content from your lab is just as simple as provisioning it. Scroll to the Machine you want to remove from the Assigned tab and then click Remove from Lab.

Managing Paths

Dedicated Lab Paths are groups of Machines and Challenges focused on a specific skillset or cybersec job direction. These groups are curated by Hack The Box staff to provide coverage over an area of interest. Each Path typically consists of up to 10 Machines or Challenges.

Hack The Box has a lot of content to offer, and sometimes navigating through that ocean can be daunting. With Dedicated Lab Paths, we lift a part of this responsibility by offering a one-button solution to provision the content most relevant to you and your team.

Expanding a Path will show :

  • A paragraph describing what this Path is about, along with a bullet list of learning outcomes

  • A list of content included in the Path (Machines or Challenges), usually up to 10 items

  • An option to add all Machines of the Path in the lab

  • A separate Add to Lab button for each Machine

You can use the ADD ALL button to add all Machines and Challenges inside that Path to your lab.

You can still add a Machine manually to your lab if you are looking for high-level customization to your content.

You can also use the REMOVE ALL button to remove all the Path's Machines or Challenges from your lab or REMOVE specific Machines from that Path after adding them.

Tracking Skill Progress:

Using the Skills panel, you can see a breakdown of the current Lab progress based on currently assigned users and currently assigned content to the Lab. This will give you insights on team progress and their area of interest.

You can view this progression breakdown for Machines, showing a spider chart and bar chart progress for the Areas of Interest. You can drill deeper into a specific category by clicking on the All Areas dropdown to select a specific Area of Interest and see a spider graph and bar chart for the categories of that specific Area of Interest.

You can also see the Skill progresses on two tags: Technology and Vulnerabilities. You can select one of the two skills from a dropdown on the top right and see a list of all relevant skills listed in descending progress order:

You can also find a Categories progress breakdown for Challenges in the Lab, displayed in a spider graph alongside a progress bar for the top 10 categories of the Challenges.

The last part of the Skills panel is a Categories progress breakdown for Sherlocks in the Lab, displayed in a spider graph alongside a progress bar for the top 10 categories of the Sherlocks.

For more information on the Enterprise Platform, visit our Enterprise Help Center:

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