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Introducing the new Badges on HTB Labs

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We are thrilled to unveil our new badge system, designed to enhance your cybersecurity learning experience and motivate you to reach new heights. With a wide range of badges for different accomplishments, we are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding your efforts as you progress through your learning journey.

Where can I see My badges?

By visiting your Profile, click on Badges, and you can scroll down to see the different types of badges you acquired and the ones that are still unlocked.

You can also see how many people have that badge by hovering over it:

What Types of Badges are Available?

Ranking Badges:

These badges showcase your advancement through the ranks within our ladder. As you gain knowledge, skills, and experience, your rank will increase, and these badges serve as a visual representation of your journey. Can you make it to the top?

Social Badges:

Engagement is key in any community, and our Social Badges recognize your active participation and contributions. These badges highlight your interactions, discussions, and support provided to fellow members. Whether you're sharing insights, answering questions, or even meeting in person with one of the founders of Hack The Box, these badges showcase your dedication and involvement within our vibrant cybersecurity community.

Machine Badges:

Conquer the machines and earn recognition with our Machine Badges. These badges represent significant achievements in the realm of cybersecurity, particularly in the form of noteworthy PWNs (exploits or compromises). By demonstrating your ability to overcome complex challenges, these badges highlight your prowess and success in mastering the art of penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.

Challenge Badges:

Embark on thrilling adventures and earn our Challenge Badges. These badges symbolize your accomplishments in various challenges, where you put your skills to the test against intricate puzzles, reverse engineering tasks, cryptography enigmas, and more. Each badge you earn signifies your expertise and problem-solving abilities gained through conquering these stimulating challenges.

Endgame Badges:

Navigate through our challenging Endgame scenarios and earn recognition with our Endgame Badges. As you progress through each stage, solving intricate problems and overcoming complex scenarios, these badges showcase your advancement and growth. Each Endgame badge signifies your proficiency and accomplishments within the corresponding levels, demonstrating your ability to handle advanced security challenges.

Fortress Badges:

Scale the heights of our Fortress challenges and earn Fortress Badges. These badges highlight your progress and achievements within each Fortress. As you overcome increasingly difficult obstacles and secure critical systems, these badges serve as a testament to your resilience, ingenuity, and expertise in protecting digital fortifications.

Pro Labs Badges:

Engage in our Pro Labs and earn Pro Labs Badges that recognize your effort and dedication to mastering advanced concepts. By completing rigorous lab exercises and demonstrating proficiency in areas such as ethical hacking, network defense, or digital forensics, these badges showcase your commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Battleground Badges:

These badges honor your accomplishments in the competitive realm of Hack The Box Battlegrounds. As you demonstrate your strategic thinking, teamwork, and technical skills in simulated cyber warfare scenarios, these badges signify your prowess in facing off against fellow cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Starting Point Badges:

Embark on your cybersecurity journey with our Starting Point Badges. These badges recognize your completion of Starting Point Tiers, guiding you from beginner to intermediate levels. As you acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in various cybersecurity domains, these badges highlight your progress and serve as a stepping stone towards more advanced challenges and accomplishments.

Seasonal Badges:

Participate in our seasonal events and earn Seasonal Badges. These badges are awarded incrementally based on your ranking and performance as you are promoted from one tier to the next. These badges showcase your dedication, competitive spirit, and ability to excel within time-limited opportunities.

Other Badges:

Our Other Badges encompass a diverse range of recognition for your efforts within Hack The Box. These badges represent various achievements, milestones, or contributions that go beyond the specific categories mentioned above. By exploring different aspects of our platform, actively participating in community initiatives, or unlocking unique opportunities

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