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A New Way to Showcase Your Cybersecurity Knowledge on our Academy Platform.

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We understand that learning can be a challenging and rewarding journey, and we want to help you celebrate your progress and accomplishments along the way. To that end, we've added Badges to Academy to help showcase your achievements!

Our badge system is a virtual recognition of your completion of Modules and Paths within the Academy platform. When you complete a Module, you will be awarded a badge that you can showcase on your profile and on social media to let others know about your expertise in cybersecurity. You can earn multiple badges, and your badge collection will grow as you complete more Modules.

Why Are Badges Important?

Badges are a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field. They can be used to demonstrate to potential employers, clients, and colleagues that you have completed certain Modules and Paths in our Academy. In addition, badges can help you track your progress and motivate you to keep learning and completing Modules.

What Type of Badges are Available?

We offer a range of badges that represent the different Modules, Paths, and Exams within Academy. You can earn three types of badges :

  • Module Completion Badges (68 Badges)

  • Path Completion Badges (10 Badges)

  • Exam Completion Badges (2 Badges)

How Can I Earn Badges?

To earn badges, you simply need to complete the Module, Path, or Exam within our Academy. Once you do, you will automatically receive a badge that you can share via the usual achievement page.

Once you unlock a new Badge, you will get notified, you can then check it under 'My Badges' and share it.

Each badge will display the total number of users who have earned that particular badge, along with the percentage of badge earners compared to the total number of users on the platform. This feature allows users to see how they are performing compared to others and encourages healthy competition and motivation to learn.

We hope that our new badge system will add an extra layer of motivation and recognition to your learning journey on Academy. We encourage you to explore our modules and courses and earn badges as you progress.

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