Academy Lab Users Guide

A guide to navigating around the Academy.

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Depending on how your Admin/Moderator has set up the Academy Lab, you can easily find either multiple spaces or one space on the left panel labeled ACADEMY LAB.

By clicking on that space, you will access the dashboard containing the list of content your Admin/Moderator chose.

This list can be A full path that contains modules :

Or Different separate modules :

Each Module has a SKILLS button that will show the MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Map for it. This serves as a summary of the tactics and techniques included in the module :


Clicking on the Module or the VIEW button will move you inside the Module's Preview.

Here, you can find a summary of the Module, a list of sections on the right side, the progress bar at the top, a MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Map, and the related Modules and Machines at the end of the page.

In case you have already started this module, you can click on the Continue Learning button to go directly to the last section you worked on


Every Module has multiple sections that require to be completed by answering questions, submitting flags, or simply reading the content.

On the right side of the section, you can find a list of all sections under the current module.

Sections marked with a diamond are sections that have questions at the end.

Towards the end of the section, there is usually a lab to work on. To mark the section as completed, you need to provide an answer to a question or a series of questions related to that section. To do this, you need to spawn the target and perform the needed task.

Clicking on SPAWN TARGET will generate an IP for the tab that you need to work on.

Please allow a few minutes for the lab's services to fully spawn before starting.

After spawning a target, you can choose to work using Pwnbox or your own virtual machine. To start Pwnbox, you can click on View Pwnbox and choose the region where you want the Pwnbox to be spawned from :

In case you are using your own Virtual Machine, you can simply download the VPN file as such :

Use sudo openvpn FILENAME to connect using the file.

If you are stuck on a question, you use the Show Hint or Show Solution buttons if they are made available by your Admin/Moderator:

To view the solution, you will need to agree on the Terms of service and terms of agreement first by writing 'Accept' and clicking Confirm :

Certifications :

Based on the plan your organization has in place, your lab may encompass one or multiple Job Role paths. Achieving 100% completion of a specific path makes you eligible for the associated exam, for which your administrator will need to assign you a voucher.

For further details, please visit:

For more information on the Enterprise Platform, visit our Enterprise Help Center:

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