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All you need to know about the VPN Connection for Academy

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In order to attack academy targets and practice the knowledge acquired in the section you will need to connect to our VPN network, you can do this using the Pwnbox, or using the VPN file on your own Virtual Machine.

My Workstation / Pwnbox

Pwnbox is fully equipped with the tools of the trade and can be used to attack target systems or just to practice with Linux! It's automatically connected to our network, so there's no need to worry about connecting to a VPN when using it.

Spawning Pwnbox

You can access Pwnbox directly within the Section content itself. Scrolling down, you can choose the VPN server and region where you want to spawn Pwnbox, choose the closest region to you, and press Start Instance.

After spawning an instance you can open it in full screen in a new browser tab, terminate, reset, and add more time to it.

If you are a free user who has never made a purchase on Academy, you cannot spawn Pwnbox again once you've terminated it until the next day. If you are having trouble with your instance, reset it instead.

Changing the VPN server for Pwnbox

To change the VPN server for the Pwnbox you need to change the VPN server from the dropdown for VPN Servers, and you can also change protocols, you can also do it from the VPN page, these settings apply for both connection methods: Pwnbox and VPN file.

All VM instances associated with the old VPN Server will be terminated when switching to a new VPN server. The existing Pwnbox instance will automatically switch to the new VPN server.

VPN File

Downloading and Connecting to a VPN File

If you wish to use your own Virtual Machine to practice and attack Academy targets you just need to download the VPN file and connect to it.

Save the file on your VM of choice and connect to it using the following command:

sudo openvpn academy-regular.ovpn

If you have already running VPN files, use sudo killall openvpn to kill them.

Once you see Initialization Sequence Completed you are ready to go, do not close the terminal tab as this will kill your connection, open a new tab and start working from it.

Changing the VPN Server

Changing VPN servers is done from the VPN Servers dropdown and you need to download the new VPN file after changing servers.

Unless you need to switch servers, you only need one VPN file for all sections and modules, you don't have to download a VPN file for every section.

You can use either the Pwnbox or the VPN file, NOT BOTH.

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