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Gain insight into your organization with lab reporting.

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Admins and Moderators have the ability to view activity and progress reports on all of the labs your organization has licenses for. For every reporting function, you can view results for Individual Users, Multiple Users, or entire Teams, and you can do so for any period of time you wish.

With reporting, you can gain information into what's happening in your organization, how your users are progressing, what type of content is be utilizing, and turn that into real, actionable insight.

Skill Progression

This tab reflects the journey in the platform, starting from the Academy and leading to Professional and Cloud Labs for every user or the whole team.

The ability to see exactly what Skills your users are applying allows you to get a higher-level understanding of each individual's strengths and weaknesses.

There are seven tabs to choose from when creating your report:

  • Academy: The number of completed Sections by the selected members.

  • Machines: The number of completed machines by all selected members in a period. (Completed Machines where users have owned both root and user flags)

  • Challenges/Sherlocks: The number of completed Challenges by all selected members.

  • Professional/Cloud Labs: The number of fully completed scenarios by all selected members.

  • All: Addition of all the above.

The portrayal of Skills commences with the advancement in the MITRE framework within the Academy lab. Additionally, you have the option to observe the progress for both Machines and Challenges. The Skills that are visible depend on the content currently allocated to your Lab.

For Cloud Labs and Pro Labs, you can see an overview of the level of MITRE ATT&CK coverage provided by the lab, and see which techniques your selected users have already covered during their progression through the lab.



The Activity tab gives you a full breakdown of activity. You can jump into the activity on a particular Pro Lab, Cloud Lab, Machine, or Challenge and see who solved what and when.

For Machines, you can easily view activity based on difficulty level and OS. For Challenges, you view activity based on difficulty level and challenge Category.


You can also view a Timeline of activity in your various labs. This gives you a look into activity over time. You can view this information for your organization as a whole to get reporting across everything.

Alternatively, you can view this for a specific lab type, such as Pro Labs.

Spawn Activity

As an administrator, you can view all spawned Machines and Challenges for the respective user from the sidebar in the member's list. This functionality offers better status monitoring, enabling administrators to gain a clear understanding of the content that the team is engaged with.

In the screenshot, as an administrator, I can view my current active Machine and the Machines being used by other users. (If the Machine name is masked, the masked name will be displayed.)

Dedicated Labs Content and User Progress

Completion Activity

While on the dashboard, scroll down under the Skill Progression tab to the Completion Activity Tab. This provides information about the number of Machines, Challenges, and Sherlocks solved by lab users in the past month or seven days, including flags submitted and answers to questions.

Content and User Progress

Scroll down to the Content Progress/User Progress widget, as depicted below. Within this widget, you'll find an overview of all users who have completed each piece of content. Meanwhile, in the User Progress tab, you can access an aggregation of completions for each content type organized by individual users.

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