Lab Settings and Subscriptions
Configure your lab and subscription as you see fit.
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Admins have the ability to adjust the settings of your organization's labs, as well as modify subscription settings, just as lab capacity, seats, and more. Moderators have the ability to adjust lab settings as well, but can only view the current subscription, not alter it.

Lab Settings

For any lab, the following settings can be configured:

  • Leaderboard Visibility

    • Set whether the Leaderboard is visible to everyone.

  • Lab Visibility

    • Set whether only users assigned to a lab can view it.

  • Writeup Visibility

    • Set whether users can view writeups for lab content.

  • Machine Guided Learning

    • Enables the guided mode ( More on that here)

On Dedicated Labs, you have the ability to control whether the Skill Tags for each Box are visible. Additionally, you can set a customized name for the lab.

On Professional Labs, you can control whether users can see which Box each flag in the flag list can be found on.

Lab Subscriptions

The Subscriptions page for a lab shows your information about the Lab Plan, such as the overall Seats, overall Lab Capacity, and the amount of Pwnbox hours available.

You can easily view how many Seats and Content Slots are currently being used.

Admins will have the additional ability to request alterations to the current subscription plan, as well as contact the HTB Sales Team from this page.

Resetting Pro Labs or Cloud Labs

We do our best to make our labs as resilient as possible, but when you have a bunch of hackers throwing exploits at machines, eventually something is bound to break.

While you are always free to reach out to Customer Support via the Support Chat if you need a reset, Lab Admins and Moderators can reset labs at their own discretion without needing to wait for us to get involved.

To do so, enter in to the lab you'd like to reset, and navigate to the Lab tab.

[video-to-gif output image]

Then, press the Expand button in the upper-right corner. This will reveal a Request Lab Redeployment button. After confirming the request, the lab will begin to reset and you will be given an estimated time for completion.

Please note, resetting the lab will not remove anyone's progress or flag submissions, but it will revert any changes made to the lab itself.

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