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What is the minimum amount of User Seats, and how can I add more?

Currently, the minimum amount of purchasable Seats is set to 10 for an initial subscription. Lab Admins can request additional Seats or make alterations to their lab's subscription settings via the Subscription tab within the respective lab.

I am an Admin for my organization, but can't access our labs

Admins and Moderators have the ability to manage labs, but do not by default have the ability to access them and work on their content. If you'd like to work on content within a lab, you'll need to assign yourself a license the same way you would for a Member account. Assigning a license to any user regardless of their role will occupy a Lab Seat.

I have assigned users to one of my labs, but they can’t access the Lab’s machines.

Please make sure they review the relevant Dedicated Lab Users Guide or Professional Lab Users Guide article, as well as the Enterprise Lab Access article.

Can I remove a user from a lab and enroll a different user?

Once you remove a lab license from a user, they are no longer counted towards your seat quota for that lab. This means you can add or remove lab licenses to any user long as you stay within your seat allowance for the lab in question.

Do Dedicated Labs have access to retired content?

Yes. Dedicated Labs can be provisioned with any Machine or Challenge, including both Active and Retired content. Additionally, Dedicated Labs have access to Exclusive Content available only on the Enterprise Platform.

I am an admin, and I have invited a user to the organization, but the invitation won't work.

The person you invited gets the invitation, then via that invitation, they create an account, and they would be within the organization. Since the person you are trying to invite already created an account hence why the invitation doesn’t work anymore, you will need to contact the support team to manually move them into the organization.

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