Administration on HTB Business

Learn how user administration, seat assignment, and team creation works.

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User Management

Under the Manage Users page, you can find all the tools needed to manage the users of your organization.

Inviting Users

You can invite new users to your organization through their email. Upon sending them an invite, they'll receive an email with an invite link they can use to signup to the platform as a member of your organization.

You can set the user's initial role when you invite them. You also have the ability to invite multiple users at once, making it easy to add your entire team.

User Roles

Users on the Enterprise Platform can have any one of the following roles:

  • Admins

    • Admins have full control over the organization. This includes organization settings, subscriptions, lab management, and team & user management.

  • Moderators

    • Moderators can manage labs, teams, and users, but have no control over organization settings & subscriptions. They also are not able to invite new users to the organization.

  • Members

    • Members are able to connect to and play the labs they have been assigned to, but have no management abilities.

  • Guests

    • Guests are like Members, but they will automatically be removed from any labs that they are assigned to after 30 days.

Modifying User Roles

Under the Users tab on the Users Management page, the roles of users can be adjusted. Admins can modify the role of anyone, but Moderators can only modify the roles of other Moderators and below. They cannot modify the roles of Admins.

You can also remove a user from the organization entirely from this menu.

User Lab Assignment

At any time, you can adjust which labs a user has access to by adjusting their seat. You can assign them to any lab your company has seats for, as long as the lab isn't at its maximum user quota.

You can remove you can unassign a user from a lab by removing their seat. Doing so will free up a seat in the lab's quota.

Team Management

Admins and Moderators can create and edit Teams under the Manage Teams tab in the Management menu. To create a new team, click the Create Team button. Once you've chosen a Team Name, Motto, and Avatar, you will be able to add users to the Team.

Additionally, the Team Captain can be set by clicking on the menu to the right of their name after they've been added.

You can modify an existing Team by navigating to it on the Manage Teams page, clicking View Team, and then clicking Edit in the top right corner.

Company Settings

Admins have the ability to modify the settings of your organization. Under Company Settings, a number of fields can be configured. This includes the company name, description, logo, location, and social media links.

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