What is the Careers Page?

How do job opportunities on HTB work? How do I navigate career opportunities? Find out here.

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The Careers Page is the go-to spot for any member of our Community who is looking to step into the field of cybersecurity. Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to fill a Senior Penetration Tester role or are new to the platform and are looking for something more entry-level, the Careers Page has got you covered.

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Available for Hire

At the very top of the page, there is a toggle for the Available for Hire option. Toggling this option allows your profile to be shown to employers looking to hire talent from the Hack The Box platform.

Once enabled, potential employers registered with Hack The Box will be able to initiate Contact Requests to you.

Jobs Tab

This is where you will find all of the information on the current jobs posted on the platform. At the top of the top, you will see the Featured Companies list.

Below that, you'll see the Job Opportunities section. This is the section where current active opportunities are listed. You'll find opportunities here vary greatly. There are job positions worldwide, in-person and remote, for all different skill levels.

While Hack The Box is largely focused on penetration testing and the offensive side of cybersecurity, the jobs listed here are limited to any niche. There are often roles for System Administrators, Incident Responders, SOC Analysts, Security Engineers, and of course, Pentesters.

Job Eligibility

Some Job Opportunities require you to be a minimum Hacker Rank to be eligible to reply. When you hover over a job, it will tell you that you are eligible if you meet the minimum rank or the minimum rank required if you do not.

Searching for Jobs

You can use the search bar to search through the listed Job Opportunities. You can search for my company name, job type, job names, or any other keywords that may be included in the listing title.

Applying to a Job Opportunity

The application process is relatively simple, but we offer a dedicated help article explaining each step.

Click below to find out more about how to apply for your next Job!

Applied Jobs Tab

Here you'll find the active job listings that you have applied to, as well as how long it's been since you applied. You can click on each listing displayed here to view the job description once again.

Visiting the job's dedicated page will also show that you have applied. The normally green Apply For Job button will be greyed out, and above it, you will see You have applied for this job in green.

Contact Requests Tab

This is where Contact Requests from companies interested in speaking to you about job opportunities will be visible. Please note, you can only receive these if you have the Available for Hire option enabled.

When you receive a Contact Request, you'll have the option to fill out the contact information requested by the company and submit it to them. Alternatively, you can choose to reject the request.

If you choose to submit the information, the company will then be able to use the details you provided to contact you with further information.

Companies Page

You'll find a listing of all companies enrolled in our Talent Search program on the Companies Page. This includes all companies who post Job Opportunities and those who actively headhunt for talent via Contact Requests.

Clicking on a company, we can see a description of the company and other miscellaneous information, such as the company website, contact, details, and any active Job Opportunities posted by the company.

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