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Find top talent by utilizing one of the largest and most talented hacker communities in the world.

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Posting a position to our Job Board is a great way to reach a massive pool of over 1 million highly talented information security professionals.

To post to the job board, simply navigate to the Job Board tab under Talent Search and click the Create New Job button in the upper right. From here, you'll be able to select a Job Title, Job Type, Description, and Required Rank.

To be able to publish a job, Your organization needs to be active on the community platform.

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Once you are done filling out your job posting, you can choose to either publish it immediately or save it as a draft.

Once a Job has been published, it will appear under the Published tab on the Job Board page. From here, you can view your applicants.

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You can view information about each candidate, such as their Skill Matrix for Machines and Challenges, or their Pro Lab progression. If you've unlocked your Company Vault, you will also be able to view their contact information.

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After reviewing candidates, you can sort them into different categories. Once a candidate has been reviewed, you can write comments to your review and mark them as such.

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You also have the ability to move a user to either Reject a user's application or move them to the Short List. Once a user has been moved to the Short List, you will have the option to mark them as Hired.

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