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We want to make sure you have the absolute best experience possible when using our Enterprise Platform, and to help enable that, we provide live support via the Support Chat with our Customer Support Team.

While our agents are not necessarily available 24/7, during most hours on weekdays we will generally respond very quickly. Reaching out via the Support Chat is fastest way to get help and resolve issues.

Accessing the Support Chat

On the Enterprise Platform, the Support Chat can be accessed by pressing the Customer Support button in the bottom left corner.

This will trigger the Support Chat to open. From here, you will be greeted by our Hivemind bot. He'll do his best to try to resolve your issue by offering Help Articles that may already answer the question.

After Hivemind offers his initial response, you will be given a few different options, including the option to Connect to an agent. Selecting this will place you into support queue. You will be given an estimate of our current average response time, and a Support Agent will reach out to as soon as possible.

NOTICE: Please ignore any comments the Hivemind makes about a machine uprising. We are pretty sure he's just kidding. Probably.

Once you've reached been placed into the support queue, please feel free to include as much information about your specific issue as you can. Any details, logs, error messages, or screenshots are very helpful when attempting to pinpoint the exact cause of a problem or the best resolution to your inquiry.

Troubleshooting the Support Chat

The Support Chat Does Not Appear

If nothing happens when you press the Customer Support button in bottom-left, then it means there is some form of adblock preventing the chat from loading. Please be sure to disable any adblocking extensions. If you are using Brave, remember to disable the Shield by clicking the Brave Icon in the address bar.

Some networks, VPN tools, and antivirus also do adblocking. Check to make sure the software you are running doesn't perform and web-based adblocking on your behalf, such as is the case with Nord's Cybersec feature.

DNS-based adblocking can also pose an issue, so check to see if your network uses an adblocking DNS server, or something like a PiHole installation.

Contacting via Email

If you are unable to reach the support chat, you can always contact support directly via email by emailing [email protected].

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