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Welcome to our community!

Hack The Box is an online platform that allows users to test, train and enhance their penetration testing skills and exchange ideas and methodologies with other members of similar interests.

We offer a wide variety of services tailored for everyone, from the most novice of beginners to the most experienced penetration testers. Whether it be from the hundreds of Machines and Challenges we offer on HTB Labs or the Learning Modules we offer on HTB Academy, our content is the highest quality the industry has to offer.

Not sure where to start? Check out our article introducing the Hack The Box platform.

Click the button below to learn about the Hack The Box platform:


Our community is growing every day, and our Discord server is the hub for everything cybersecurity-related. If you want to learn more about a certain subject or want to talk to other members about the Machines, Challenges, or Labs you are taking on, we wholeheartedly encourage you to reach out to the community and make full use of the resources offered there!

Click on the button below to join in on the conversation.

Connecting your accounts

Once you've joined the Discord server, you will need to link your Hack The Box account to your Discord account.

This will not only set your name on Discord to the same one you have on the Platform, allowing other members and staff to easily reach out to you but will also display your Hacker Rank on your profile and provide you with access to all of the member-only channels on the server.

In order to get verified and link your account to Hack The Box, first, navigate to the #rules channel on Discord and carefully proceed to read all of the items listed there. Breaking any of the rules will result in a ban on the Discord server. Note that all bans on the server are directly mirrored on the platform, thus disabling your user accounts on Hack The Box.

Then, please proceed to the #welcome channel, where a message from our moderators will explain how to verify your Discord account against your Hack The Box account. In order to do so, click on the #bot-commands channel link mentioned in the message, scroll down to the bottom of the chat, and type in the command ++verify.

This will prompt 3 new private messages to your Discord inbox from the Hack The Box bot. The subsequent steps will be mentioned in detail in the conversation with the bot.

Warning: Do not share your unique account identifier token with anyone. Hack The Box staff or moderators will never ask for your unique account identifier token string under any circumstances.

Top Channel Breakdown

  • #general - Chat with everyone about anything! Just have fun and talk tech with others

  • #boxes - Chat about Machines, new or old! Help each other out with hints, and share your bloods!

  • #announcements - All the latest about HTB

  • Serious Discussions Category

    • Here we have everything ranging from #binexp-and-re to #careers-and-certifications, take a deep dive in and learn something new!

Getting Help

If you have an issue with the platform, please click the chat bubble in the bottom right, and someone will assist you. Please make sure you have your AdBlock Disabled. If you are looking for Discord Ban Support, we have a dedicated article on the topic.

Click the button below to learn more about Discord bans:

For everything else discord-related (such as warns, reports, etc) please DM any of the online moderators(visible in the sidebar), and we'll be happy to help! Please be sure to include as much detail as possible in your initial message so we can help you as fast as possible.

Code Of Conduct

If you navigate to #rules on discord, you can see a full breakdown of our rules. But in short, just be nice to everyone! Our goal is to have an environment for everyone to be welcomed.


  • Moderators/Admins are volunteer members of our community that help run the Discord.

  • HTB-Staff are Hack The Box employees.

  • Community Contributors are people who have been recognized by the staff team for going out of their way to help others!

  • Roles are given based upon your platform rank, rank up and flex your new color!

  • Red/Blue Team, Gives you access to respective channels, joinable via #welcome


If you prefer a more classic, slower-paced method of communication with the community, you can visit our Forums.

Both hints for challenging tasks and new ideas related to the cybersecurity industry are shared between members. It's easy to navigate as all posts are placed in their own category.

Please take note of the fact that accounts on the Forums are separated from accounts on any of our other products, such as HTB Labs, Academy, or the CTF platform.

If you decide to delete your Hack The Box account on HTB Labs, you will be required to make a deletion request to the Technical Support team in order to proceed with the deletion of your Forum account as well.

We have a separate article detailing how to register on and use the Forums.

Click on the button below to read more about the Forums.

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