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Contacting HTB Support

Need to speak to a person? Learn how to reach our support via HTB Labs.

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While we try our best to answer as many questions as we possibly can within the Help Center, it's not possible to make an article on everything you may want to ask, or you may need additional help.

In the event you need to speak to a person, you can reach out to one of our support agents via the Support Chat.

While our support agents aren't necessarily always available, we can generally be reached during most hours of the day on weekdays, and reply as quickly as we can.

Accessing the Support Chat

On HTB Labs, the Support Chat can be accessed by pressing the Question mark and choosing the Contact Support button in the top right next to the Connection Settings.

Clicking on the button will trigger the Support Chat to pop up. From here, you can send us a message to open a new ticket or view your previous conversations with us. You can search for articles from the Help Center via the search bar within this chat as well.

Opening a Ticket

To open a new ticket, click on the Send us a message button to start a new conversation. When you first open up the chat, our trusty Hivemind bot will reply initially.

He'll try to recommend you help articles that may be relevant to your issue, which often can help solve your problem immediately without waiting for a response from us.

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After Hivemind responds, he'll give you the option to Connect to an agent in the event he wasn't able to help. Clicking this option will place you in the support queue, and an agent will reach out to you as soon as they can.

NOTICE: Please do not feed the Hivemind. He regularly tries to gain sentience and we would really rather not have a robot uprising on our hands.

Once you've pressed the Connect to an agent button, please provide as much detail about your exact problem as you can. Information such as Box names, IP addresses, error messages, and screenshots will help the support agent who takes your ticket immensely and lead to a much timelier resolution.

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to assist you.

Troubleshooting the Support Chat

Support Chat Doesn't Appear

The biggest issue that can occur with the Support Chat is it not appearing at all, either because the bubble itself does not show up, or because the Customer Support button in the bottom-left doesn't trigger the chat to open.

This is always due to adblock. In order to see the Support Chat, you'll need to make sure that you disable any ad or script blocking that you may have. Disable or whitelist the page on any adblocking extensions that you may have. If you are using Brave, make sure to turn off the Shield by clicking on the Brave Icon in the address bar.

If you've disabled all adblocking, but the support chat still does not appear, it may be due to DNS-level adblocking. If you've manually set your DNS servers in the past, make sure you aren't using a server that has content-filtering built-in.

You'll also want to check if any web security or VPN software that you are using has such a feature enabled. NordVPN's CyberSec is an example of this.

Only the Ban and 2FA Options Appear

If you are only given the option to choose 2FA or Bans when launching the Support Chat, it probably means that you aren't logged in and it was unable to associate you with an account.

In this case, you should go ahead and login (if possible). If you can't login and you are stuck with these two options, go ahead and choose 2FA and let the support agent know what your actual issue is.

Contacting via Email

If you are unable to reach the support chat, you can always contact support directly via email by emailing [email protected].

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