How to Revert Pro Lab Machines

Do you need help with any of our Pro Lab machines? You can learn how to revert them using our automated workflow.

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We create our Pro Labs machines as robust as possible. However, things break, and hackers gonna hack. When services go down or a machine becomes unresponsive, we must revert it to its original state.

How to use the automated workflow

Using our automated workflow, you can choose the machine you want to revert to. It is built into our Customer Support chat.

We are testing the automated workflow. Only a few Pro Labs are supported at the moment.


  1. Click on the Messages button

  2. Click on the Ask a question button

  3. Select Pro Lab Machine Issues in the chat

  4. Click on Begin and follow the workflow

FAQ and Common Issues

The machine has been reverted in the last hour. What do I do?

Each machine has a one-hour cooldown, so we avoid reverting it too often. If you believe it's broken and must be reverted, you must contact the Customer Support team. You can click on I need more assistance, and an agent will speak to you.

How can I choose the Pro Lab I want to revert?

You can't. We detected the last Pro Lab you connected to and selected it for you.

The application shows the wrong Pro Lab.

We detect your Pro Lab based on the last one you connected to. Unfortunately, updating it after you connect to it takes five to fifteen minutes. We recommend you wait.

The machine I want to revert is not listed.

Some machines are not revertable. Due to the networked nature of our labs, it's not always possible to replace an existing host with a "new instance" without breaking other things in the lab. The only solution to a broken, unrevertable machine is reverting the whole lab. Contact customer support in the same chat if this is your case, or, use the Request Redistribution button on the Pro Lab page.

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