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Weekly streaks on Academy is a cool feature to see how many weeks in a row you can keep up with your learning activities. Whether you're completing Sections or answering questions , every week counts!

It is like a friendly challenge with yourself and your friends. The more weeks you keep it up, the more you'll feel proud and accomplished. It's not just about numbers; it's about creating a routine that makes learning super fun and rewarding. So, let's see how many awesome weeks of learning you can stack up!

How To Get Your First Streak:

On the top right corner of your academy dashboard you can find an interface indicating your current streak, which is initialized at 0.

You can earn points on the platform by :

  • Finishing sections (10 points for each completed section).

  • Answering questions (10 points for each).

Once you reach 30 points you will get your first Weekly Streak and the streaks counter is incremented by 1.

Keeping Up The Momentum:

In the next week if you manage to get another 30 points you will gain your next streak and so on,However if you fail to gain the 30 points in a week your streaks will be reset to 0.

Please note that any points beyond 30 will not be counted for the streak in the following week.

If you manage to achieve 1, 4, and 12 weekly streaks in a row you will get a special badge for it.

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