Academy Enrollment Process
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Are you looking to provide your team with the most interactive, guided, gamified, and engaging cybersecurity training available? If so, you've come to the right place! Here are the steps to get your company enrolled in HTB Academy.

  1. First, fill out the contact form on the Academy for Business page, specifying your team’s size and cybersecurity training requirements. A sales representative will contact you shortly to discuss your training needs and provide you with a


    Click the button below to reach the form!

  2. Once the quote has been accepted, we will ask you to provide us with the email for your company's training administrator. Then, we create a Company Dashboard for you within HTB Academy and invite your training administrator to it using the provided email.

    1. If your company’s training administrator is not already an HTB Academy member, they should click on the “Register now” option after opening the URL in the email invitation and create an account (using the same email address the invitation was sent to).

      They will then be asked to verify their email address. Upon opening the URL included in the verification email, your company’s training administrator will be prompted to accept the invitation to grant them access to the Company Dashboard within HTB Academy.

    2. If your company’s training administrator has already registered in HTB Academy using the email address that got the invitation, they should log in after opening the URL included in the email invitation. They will be immediately prompted to accept the invitation to grant them access to the Company Dashboard within HTB Academy.

      You can access your Company Administration Dashboard by clicking on the Business tab on the left-hand side of the HTB Academy platform.

  3. In the Administration Dashboard, there is an Invite Employees tab. From here, your company's training administrator can invite other administrators or employees to join the company on HTB Academy. Employees will fill the number of agreed seats and gain unlimited access to HTB Academy and its offerings.

    Please note, administrators will not count towards the seat limit but will also not gain unlimited Academy access. An administrator can invite themselves as an employee (gaining both roles), but this will occupy a seat just like any normal employee.

  4. Once an employee has been invited, they will have to follow the process mentioned in steps 2.a or 2.b, depending on whether or not they already have an account registered with email the invitation was sent to.

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