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HTB Affiliate Program: Program Policy & Guidelines
HTB Affiliate Program: Program Policy & Guidelines

Resources, assets, and content to help you make Hack The Box available to your audience, so you can collect more affiliate rewards!

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Congratulations on being part of the HTB Affiliate Program! Now that you have been accepted, it’s time for the fun part: creating content! This article will take you through valuable resources, guidelines, and FAQs to become a successful affiliate partner and promote HTB.

💚 Getting Started

We immensely appreciate content creators. They help us spread knowledge and inspire our community members to continue advancing their skills.

After completing the form to become an official HTB Affiliate and being accepted, you can create content (from Social Media content, videos, live streams, blogs, and more) to promote Hack The Box using your unique, customized links.

Share your passion for Machines, Sherlocks, Challenges, Modules, certifications, and any other HTB content you wish to engage with your viewers.

💰 Your Reward

You can earn up to 20% every time a new platform member purchases an annual subscription through your custom links. The sky is the limit! Affiliate rewards are unlocked once one of the following subscriptions has been successfully purchased:

HTB Labs

HTB Labs

HTB Labs

HTB Academy

HTB Academy

Annual VIP

Annual VIP+

Annual Pro Labs

Silver Annual

Gold Annual

10% commission

10% commission

10% commission

15% commission

20% commission

Note: You will not earn affiliate rewards when an existing profile activates a subscription or when any monthly subscription is purchased.

It’s also important to note that your reward will be based on the net amount the user pays. For instance, if a user utilizes a discount code, you will get your commission based on the final, post-discount price for which the user acquired the subscription.

🔗 How To ( & Affiliate Links)

Once our team approves your application, you will receive an invitation via email to sign up with, our trusted third-party partner for the HTB Affiliate Program.

Upon joining, you will be directed to your personal dashboard to access various features and tools. Using your private dashboard, you can share unique links through multiple channels.

Also, you can create custom links (deep links) based on your judgment to redirect your audience to the product you are showcasing.

Furthermore, the dashboard allows you to track and monitor the performance of your affiliate links efficiently.

Within the resources section of the dashboard, we have provided top-notch promotional materials for you to utilize. Please feel free to use the style and assets we have shared!

This quick guide lets you learn more about and its features, settings, and best practices. You can also check out this video tutorial and this e-book for a starting guide, as well as the FAQ provided by These tutorials help you navigate and take the best out of the HTB Affiliate Program.

🍪 The 90-day cookie window

The Affiliate Program utilizes a cookie-based tracking system. When a new user signs up through your affiliate link, we store this information. If the user subsequently subscribes to one of our plans, a webhook will relay this information back to us, enabling us to reward you through

The affiliation starts when the user registers with an HTB SSO account within 90 days of using the affiliate link. The reward will be provided if the user purchases a subscription within 90 days following their registration. Furthermore, the user must have accepted the cookie preferences on our pages for the tracking to commence.

Please keep in mind that recurring purchases are not eligible for rewards. Only the first purchase made by new users/subscribers not previously on our platform, will be rewarded.

☝️ On the SSO account

As of now, HTB uses one unified account for our users within the following three platforms:

  • HTB Labs

  • HTB Academy

  • HTB CTF Platform

How does this affect your rewards? As mentioned before, only new users/subscribers who create an HTB SSO account can generate rewards. This means that a user will create an SSO account across these domains, but can choose to opt-in for the services they are interested in.

Similarly to the cookie window, you will get rewarded after a new user successfully purchases an annual subscription to any of these platforms. Keep in mind that if a user opts-in and subscribes for different services within the 90-day cookie period, linked to the same SSO account, you will still get rewarded for these subscriptions!

Here’s an example of how this works:

Hacker123 joins HTB after watching one of your videos on the latest HTB Academy certification. They purchase a Silver Annual subscription - you score a 15% commission!

Two weeks later, Hacker123 read your blog post about how easy Machines are a great way to practice some basic concepts - so they opt in for HTB Labs and purchase a VIP subscription too. You just got an additional 10% commission for this second purchase!

Resources & Best Practices

🌐 Website

📣 Our Channels

🫂 Community

🎨 Media Kit

If you want to use the Hack The Box logos and assets in your content, here are some helpful directions on our official Brand Guidelines.

More about our asset pack and brand design can be found under the Resources section on your dashboard.

🕵 Rules

You can only upload, stream videos, and publish solutions of any format for Retired Content of Hack The Box or Free Academy Courses. In detail, this includes the following Hack The Box Content:

  • Retired Machines

  • Retired Sherlocks

  • Retired Challenges

  • Retired Endgames

  • Free Starting Point Machines

  • Tier 0 Academy Modules

  • Practice Battlegrounds Matches

🚨 Make sure to respect these rules. Any violation of these can cause the removal of your profile as an affiliate partner and eventual ban or restriction on our platforms. To avoid inconvenient events of this type, carefully read our User Agreement and Reward Program Terms.

🎯 How and where to promote

Here are three principles to keep in mind as you think of how to promote your affiliate link:

  • Keep it genuine:

We invited you to be part of this affiliate because your knowledge, passion, and love for hacking have much to offer to our growing community. Although this aims to promote HTB and its content, we still want you to be honest and authentic and share what you genuinely like. That’s what will inspire people to try Hack The Box themselves through your link.

  • Cater to your audience:

No one knows your audience better than you do - take advantage of this! Are the people you’re reaching cybersecurity beginners or perhaps hacking pros? Do they prefer the thrill of a CTF competition, or are they looking to develop their skills to impress a potential employer? Whatever it is, you’re here for them and guide them to learn and upskill with HTB!

  • Go for reach:

In this game, it’s all about reach. The more places you share your link, the further it’ll go. Websites, social channels, and videos—will all help reach your audience across different surfaces. That doesn’t mean you should go out of your comfort zone or post on social media that you don’t feel comfortable with. Just follow your gut and listen to your audience!

📹 Some video content creation tips:

  • Try to make them as high quality as possible (high resolution, clear sound).

  • You don’t need to show your face if you don’t want to.

  • If you choose platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or Tik Tok choose the 16:9 ratio.

  • Be as prepared as possible. Note down what you want to say in advance.

  • Try to be comfortable and relaxed. You are sharing your awesome personal experience!

  • Flex your awesome swag if you have them.

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