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Step by step guide on how to access the Student Plan.

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We believe that cybersecurity training should be accessible without undue burden. To that end, on our HTB Academy platform, we are proud to offer a discounted student subscription to individuals who are enrolled at an academic institution.

With our Student Subscription, you can maximize the amount of training you can access, while minimizing the hole in your wallet. Interested in learning more? Read on.

Please note, the Student Subscription is only available on HTB Academy.

Students with University/Institute Domains:

To qualify for the Student Plan, you'll need to change the email on your account to the email provided by your academic institution.

If the university has already been registered on our academy platform with your domain, the Student plan will be accessible automatically.

If not, you have to open a ticket to the support in order to validate your domain.

After clicking on the 'Send us a message' button choose Student Subscription. This will provide more information on the steps needed before creating a ticket, then click on The Student plan is still greyed out.

In the ticket, you will need to provide:

  • The name of the institution

  • Your educational email address

  • The website of the institution

  • The country of the institution

After that, the support team will take care of validating the domain after checking the information given.

Note: You must change the email address on your Academy account to the one provided by your Academic Institution in order for the discount to become available.

Students with No Academic Email

If you are a student, but your institution does not provide you with an academic email address, your eligibility will need to be manually confirmed by our support team.

Open the chat, choose Student Subscription, and then select I do not have an academic email.

You will have to create a different ticket where you need to provide the following:

  • Proof of Enrollment

  • The name of the institution

  • The website of the institution

  • The country of the institution

The support team will verify your enrollment and give you access to the student plan.

Need help? Let us know.

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