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Redeem a Gift Card or Voucher on HTB Labs

Steps on redeeming your gift card or voucher.

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Vouchers vs Gift Cards

Vouchers are codes that are redeemed for a certain subscription or service, such as an Annual VIP+ Subscription or a 1-Month ProLab Subscription. They are generated by Hack The Box staff and cannot be directly purchased. They look like long strings of both text and numbers, like this:


The most common ways to acquire a voucher would either to be given one directly by Hack The Box, or to win one in a giveaway or contest.

Gift Cards, on the other hand, can be purchased either for yourself or for someone else. They store credit which can be used to reduce or completely eliminate the cost of a subscription. They look like a short string of capital letters and numbers:


Please note that Gift Cards and Vouchers have different redemption processes. Therefore, you cannot redeem a gift card in the ‘Redeem Voucher’ field.

Redeeming a Gift Card

A Gift Card on HTB Labs is redeemed on the check-out process after you have selected the service of your choice on your Profile’s Subscriptions page:

To get the final discount, you must fill in the GIFT CARD CODE field on the checkout page.

Please note that the Gift Card code cannot be applied if you already have another active subscription of the same type. You must wait until it expires to re-subscribe using the gift card.

Once a Gift Card has been redeemed, any leftover balance will be applied to your account as HTB Credits. Future purchases on your account will automatically subtract from these credits first before charging your payment method.

Redeeming a Voucher

To redeem a voucher, you need to head to Billing & Plans and click Redeem Voucher.


Generally speaking, Vouchers and Gift Cards for the various Hack The Box platforms have a valid period of 12 months.

After 12 months, starting at the time of purchase, they will expire and no longer be usable. This applies to Vouchers for the HTB Labs platform, as well as Exam Vouchers on the HTB Academy platform.

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