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Explore the subscription plans available at Hack The Box's main platform, including their features, pricing, and benefits. This will help you decide what plan is the best fit for you.

BASICS - Free forever ✅

  • 20 Active Machines

  • 80+ Active Challenges

  • 2h Pwnbox Trial

  • Unlimited Machine Resets

  • 2 Fortresses

VIP - $14/month ✅ ✅

  • 190+ VIP Retired Machines

  • 110+ Retired Challenges

  • 24h Pwnbox per Month

  • Isolated VIP Servers

  • CPE Credit Submission

VIP+ - $20/month ✅ ✅ ✅

  • All features in VIP, plus:

  • Personal Machine Instances

  • Unlimited Pwnbox

With the VIP+ plan, you'll have access to all the features in the VIP plan, as well as personal Machine instances and unlimited Pwnbox access. Play Machines in personal instances and enjoy the best user experience with unlimited playtime using a customized hacking cloud box that lets you hack all HTB Labs directly from your browser.

You can save up to 19% with the yearly plan.

More information on the plans:

Price comparison:

ProLabs subscription 💚

Now available at even more affordable prices! With our new pricing structure, you can enjoy monthly access to our ProLabs for just $49.00 (€44.00 / £39.00) per month. For those who prefer a longer-term commitment, our annual subscription option offers two months free, bringing the cost down to just $490.00 (€440.00 / £390.00) per year. That's right - you'll save money by opting for our annual subscription, equivalent to receiving one month free compared to our previous pricing model. Plus, you'll benefit from quarterly ProLab updates to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

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