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Managing CTF Members
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As a CTF organizer, you can efficiently oversee your organization and its members by accessing the Members tab.

Navigate to your username located at the top right corner, choose your organization, and select the Members tab.

Within this tab, both Administrators and Event Managers can view a comprehensive list of all members. However, only Administrators possess the privilege to extend invitations to new members of the organization.

Inviting Members:

Invitations will be sent through an automated email, welcoming users to the CTF platform to do this you need to click on Invite Members and add the email and the role to assign:

Members can have one of the four roles:

  1. Admin: Manages the organization, including members, events, and purchases.

  2. Event Manager: Manages events and participant involvement.

  3. Event Coordinator: Handles the details of events, such as titles, thumbnails, and descriptions.

  4. Member: Participates in organization events as a player.

By clicking Join Organization, invitees will be prompted to either register or log in using the specified email. After entering the verification code, they will be redirected to either the main page or the Admin Panel.

Invitations expire after a 14 days period, but they can be manually generated via the CTF Platform.You can also Delete an Invitation for Pending Invites.

Removing Members:

From the member's list you can click the three dots and choose Remove Member:

Changing Member Role:

You can click on Role and a drop-down of the 3 other roles to change to will appear, you can choose the new member role:

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