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Guided Mode For Machines

Unlocking the Full Experience: Exploring and Mastering Guided Mode

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Guided Mode on Retired Machines offers a more structured approach to practicing, allowing players to receive step-by-step hints directing them toward achieving user and root flags. This mode includes a series of questions that must be answered in a linear fashion, providing clear direction and checkpoints along the way.

By utilizing Guided Mode, players can complete their practice more efficiently, gaining a better sense of their progress and the intended goal for each Machine.

Adventure Mode vs Guided Mode

Retired Machines are a great place to practice and learn, and to ensure everyone is learning at their own pace we introduced two modes for Retired Machines.

Adventure Mode :

This is the classic adventurous interaction with a Machine, you are tasked to submit a user and root flags in order to complete the Machine.

Guided Mode :

Switching modes will introduce a series of Tasks that eventually lead to obtaining user and root flags by progressing through a carefully curated set of questions, each one designed to focus on specific concepts or techniques. By completing these tasks, you will gradually acquire knowledge and skills, paving the way for more advanced Tasks. Guided Mode ensures a smooth learning curve, allowing you to build a strong foundation before moving on to more complex scenarios. This mode is particularly beneficial for beginners or those seeking a comprehensive and structured learning experience.

How To Play Guided Mode

Guided Mode is available for Retired Machines only

To play a Machine with the Guided Mode you only need to toggle 'Guided Mode' on the Machine's Card and Spawn your machine:

Click the button below to learn how to connect to your Machine

Once the machine has spawned you can start answering the first question :

As you solve one , the next will unlock until getting both user and root flags.


Along with Tasks there are hints that can help guide you in the correct direction to get your answer, you can always check those when stuck:

You can also find the Official Walkthrough and Video under the Walkthroughs Tab if that Machine supports it.

Playing Both Modes

You can switch between Adventure and Guided Mode. Submitting a flag in either mode completes that flag for you on this Machine. Once a flag has been accepted (from either mode), if there is a Guided Mode question after that flag, it will be unlocked.

For more information on how to play Machines click this button:

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