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The most anticipated business-focused CTF event is back! Business CTF 2024:The Vault Of Hope is scheduled for May 18th, 2024. Test your metal against teams representing companies from all over the world!

How Does a Team Register for HTB Business CTF 2024?

  1. Navigate to the CTF Platform

  2. Select HTB Business CTF 2024 from the CTF list.

  3. A popup will appear, prompting you to enter your company details:

    1. Add your business email address.

    2. Select your company.

      1. If your company exists in the dropdown menu provided, go ahead and select it.

      2. If your company does not yet exist in our database, you will be able to submit your information, and HTB Staff will approve it soon.

  4. Edit your team if you don't want to show your company name on the CTF Scoreboard.

How Can a Team Participate as a Regional Branch of Their Company?

If you work for a large company will multiple branches across different regions, and you want to play as your specific branch, you'll need to register a new company/team during the steps listed above.

For example, if Hack The Box already exists, but you want to play as Hack The Box - UK, you'll need to register the UK branch as a new company and wait for approval.

How Long Does it Take for My Registration to Be Accepted?

If you or someone within your company has played in previous years, then it will be instant. Companies and teams already registered in our database do not need to go through the approval process a second time.

Otherwise, it may take up to a full business day for our team to process it, as this process is done manually.

How Many Teams Per Company Can Take Part in Business CTF?

Each company is permitted to participate with a maximum of one team per country/region. Companies can also choose to participate as a single team across all their branches/regions if they choose.

Failure to abide by this restriction will result in disqualification from the competition.

What is the Maximum Team Size? Can I Play as an Individual as Well?

As part of our effort to keep the competition fair for everyone, teams can consist of a maximum of 30 players with a minimum of 1 player.

Attempts to bypass the team size limit will result in disqualification from the competition.

Can My Company Play Anonymously?

Your company will need to be registered with us in order for you to participate in the CTF, but you can opt to play anonymously! Each company has a corresponding team, and you can name this team whatever you'd like.

The Team name, not the Company name, will be shown on the Scoreboard. If you choose to name your Team something entirely unrelated to your company, only Hack The Box will know which company your team represents.

If you win, we may ask if we can share that information, but we will never do so without consent.

On the other hand, you are completely free to name your Team after your Company and show off your superior hacking skills to the other competitors!

When and How Will CPEs Be Allocated?

CPE credits will be allocated within 30 days after the end of the competition. Hack The Box will contact all members who successfully filled out the (ISC)2 fields and are eligible for CTF credits.

When and How Will the Certificates of Attendance Be Distributed?

Certificates will be automatically created after the end of the completion through Hack The Box's CTF Platform.

How Can I Contact Support If I Have a Question?

Support can be contacted by selecting your Profile Name in the upper-right corner of the CTF Platform, and selecting Help & Support.

You can also contact support via the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of the Help Center.

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