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Certificates & Prizes

Learn about the spoils of war! Hacking is more fun when you win prizes.

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The only thing that is more fun than a CTF event is a CTF event with prizes. Here at Hack The Box, our hosted CTFs often include several prizes for the top-ranked teams! These prizes come in all shapes in sizes. Whether it be sweet HTB Swag from the merch store, VIP subscriptions, or even cash, our prizes are worth competing for.

The exact specifics on what prizes are offered (if any) are event-specific and decided on a case-by-case basis. Prizes are handed out using the contact information provided when you and/or your team originally registered for the CTF.

Check out the example below to see prizes from a past Hack The Box hosted CTF.

Cyber Apocalypse 2021

Cyber Apocalpyse 2021 was a 5 day CTF where 9,900+ players in 4500+ teams competed to #HackThePlanet and #SaveTheWorld from an alien incursion! The prizes for this CTF were as follows:

  • 1st Place Team

    • $1500 Cash

    • £100 HTB Swag Card

    • Annual VIP+

    • 1,000 Academy Cubes

    • HTB Stickers

  • 2nd Place Team

    • $1,000 Cash

    • £50 HTB Swag Card

    • Annual VIP

    • 500 Academy Cubes

    • HTB Stickers

  • 3rd Place Team

    • $500 Cash

    • £25 HTB Swag Card

    • 6 Months VIP

    • 250 Academy Cubes

    • HTB Stickers

  • 4th Place Team

    • 6 Months VIP

    • 250 Academy Cubes

  • 5th Place Team

    • 3 Months VIP

    • 250 Cubes

  • 6th-10th Place Teams

    • 1 Month VIP+


Some exceptional events like Cyber Apocalypse offer Certificates for those who participate and complete Challenges during the event.

If Certificates are made available, they will be downloadable for the CTF Platform website.

Click below to visit our CTF Platform!

From the main page, you can view completed CTFs by clicking on the Past CTFs tab. Once there, scroll down to the CTF you would like to download your certificate for.

If the CTF has a downloadable certificate, you will see a clickable certificate button in the shape of a scroll on the right side of the CTF entry.

[video-to-gif output image]

Clicking this button will prompt you to enter your name (the name you'd like on the certificate), and you will then be able to download it.

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