Canceling an Academy Subscription

How to break our hearts in two simple clicks.

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Thinking about leaving? Need some time off? We're sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription anytime by clicking on the top right button and choosing Billing.

Scrolling down, you can see your current plan. At the end of the page, you can simply click the Cancel Subscription option, which will keep your current month's or year's subscription active and running, but will prevent further automatic payments from going out from your default registered payment method.

Will I Lose My Cubes?

Not all subscriptions give Cubes, but regardless, canceling a subscription will never remove your Cubes. Once you've paid for Cubes, or earned them by completing modules, they are yours forever, and they'll remain in your account ready to be spent until you decide to use them.

Will I Lose My Module Access?

That depends on what type of subscription you had. The Student and Silver Annual subscriptions are access-based, meaning they unlock multiple tiers of content for as long as you have them.

The Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions are Cubes-based, meaning they give you some amount of Cubes each month. Modules purchased with Cubes are unlocked for life, and you'll continue to have access to both them and their updates in the future.

Additionally, regardless of whether you had access to a Module via Cubes or an access-based subscription, once you've fully completed a Module you also retain access for life. If your subscription was access based, you'll lose access to incomplete Modules, but the ones you did complete will remain available to you.

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