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How many teams per company can take part in Business CTF?

Each company will participate in one team. Teams will be created automatically based on the domain!

What is the maximum team size? Can I play as an individual as well?

As part of our effort to keep the competition fair for everyone, teams can consist of 30 members maximum and 1 member minimum. CTF teams with more players will be disqualified from the competition.

When and how will CPEs be allocated?

CPEs will be allocated within 30 days after the end of the competition. Hack The Box will contact all members that successfully filled in the required (ISC)² fields and are eligible for CPE credits.

When and how will the certificates of attendance be distributed?

Certificates will be automatically created after the end of the completion through Hack The Box's CTF Platform.

How does a team register for HTB Business CTF 2022?

For now, please go here and we will notify you once registrations are open. Once registration has opened, the registration process is as follows:

  1. Select to join HTB Business CTF 2022

  2. A pop up will appear to add your company details:

    1. Add your business email address

    2. Select your company

      1. If your company exists from the dropdown menu, please select it.

      2. If your company does not exist in our database, please submit your info and our team will approve it soon.

  3. Edit your team name if you don’t want to show your company name on scoreboard.

  4. And voila! You are registered to the CTF!

How should I contact you if any question arises?

All support questions should be directed to the chat bubble at the bottom right of the page. Please bear in mind that in order for the support bubble to become available, all adblockers and script blockers need to be turned off, and browsers such as Brave need to be avoided.

Content and flag support will be handled over our Discord Server. Join here and check out the relevant discussion channels!

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