In order to access Boxes or Pro Labs, you'll need to first connect to the lab's VPN server. This will establish a route to the lab on our internal network, and will allow to access the machines in the lab.

There are two ways of connecting to a lab: OpenVPN and Pwnbox.

Connecting with OpenVPN

In order to connect with OpenVPN, click on the VPN Selection Menu in the top-right corner of the website, and select the lab you'd like to connect to.

You'll have the option of selecting either the UDP or TCP protocol. UDP is the default and works best for most people, though switching to TCP can help in cases where you are experiencing some client-side packet filtering or stability issues.

Once you've downloaded your ovpn file, you can use it to connect to our network. Open up your terminal and run the following command:

sudo openvpn /path/to/file.ovpn

You should see something like the following:

A successful connection will end with Initialization Sequence Completed. Make sure you keep this window open while you work within the lab, as this will keep the OpenVPN process open and the VPN connected.

Connecting with Pwnbox

Pwnbox is our customized, cloud-based Parrot Security distribution that we offer as an in-browser virtual machine. It comes preinstalled with all the typical tools you'd find in a pentesting linux distribution and more.

Additionally, we allow users to store data that will persist across Pwnbox sessions by using the my_data folder on the desktop. You can also personalize Pwnbox by creating a user_init script that will run when Pwnbox starts.

Pwnbox is automatically connected to the VPN, so once you spawn it there's no need to worry about manually connecting to the lab you chose.

To spawn a Pwnbox instance, click on the VPN Selection Menu in the top right and choose your lab, then select Pwnbox.

Once you spawn Pwnbox, you'll be able to click View Desktop to be taken to your in-browser VNC session. You can return to the VPN selection menu to reopen Pwnbox at any time.

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