Admins and Moderators have the ability to view activity and progress reports on all of the labs your organization has licenses for. You can view the activity of Teams, individual Users, as well as your organization as a whole.

On Dedicated Labs, you can view your users' progression in the various Skills that the content in your lab makes use of. Examples of Skills include but are not limited to:

  • Binary Exploitation

  • Web

  • Active Directory

  • Python

  • LFI

And many more! The ability to see exactly what Skills your users are applying allows you to a get higher-level understanding of each individual's strengths and weaknesses.

You can view this progression for both Machines/Boxes and Challenges. The Skills visible are determined by what content is currently provisioned to your lab has provisioned.

In the example below, there are three types of Challenge content provisioned to the lab: Reversing, Web, and Misc. The user has completed 100% of the Web content, 50% of the Misc content, and 0% of the Reversing content.

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