Machine Submission Process
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We encourage experienced users to submit their Machines to Hack The Box, where they will be reviewed by our content delivery team and if deemed appropriate, posted on the HTB Machine Submission line-up for everyone to enjoy!

In order to make a Machine submission, navigate to the Machines page and click on the Submit Machine button.

If, however, there’s something wrong with the submission, a rejection email will be sent sometime after the rejection of the user submission. Stay tuned for feedback from our Content Delivery Team if this is the case!

We will help guide you through the necessary steps to improve your machine submission and make it ready for the Hack The Box community!

Content Design Patterns:

  • Try to keep the content generic, don’t try to push an agenda or make a political statement.

  • The Machine should not include copyrighted material in any form.

  • The Machine should not include unnecessary or unreasonable guessing. The difficulty of the challenge should derive from the complexity of the exploitation process.

  • The Machine shouldn’t include steps that are likely to make it unavailable, e.g. excessive dirbusting and fuzzing.

  • The Machine should present a coherent path containing worthwhile elements. The task is to offer a rewarding challenge experience and “guide” the contestants through the design patterns to the solution.

  • As much as possible, reuse of specific elements of previous Machines should be avoided.

What happens next?

Our Content Delivery Team will take a look at your submission, and after a thorough analysis of the content you've submitted, they will get back to you through e-mail in case it's rejected.

Note that the possible rejection of the submitted Machine on the platform might come before the e-mail, as there's a high number of submission requests each day.

Please be patient when awaiting the response, as it might take some time for the e-mail to be sent to you. Our team usually sends them in batches.

If several weeks after the rejection of your Machine have passed and you still haven't received any feedback regarding the reason as to why it has been rejected, please open a support ticket and we will get back to you with an update.

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