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Setting up Your ISC2 Account on HTB Labs
Setting up Your ISC2 Account on HTB Labs
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ISC2 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits are a system used to track and measure the ongoing professional development and education of its certified members.

If you have a VIP or VIP+ subscription on HTB Labs, you can get the credits on a monthly basis by playing Machines, Challenges, ProLabs, and Endgames.

You can learn more about that here:

Setting Up Your Account

An ISC2 ID, often referred to as your "Member ID" or "Certification ID," typically consists of a series of numbers unique to each certified member of ISC2. The exact format of the ID may vary, but it typically follows a pattern like the following:


Your ISC2 ID is typically provided when you first become certified or join (ISC)² as a member. It's a unique identifier used for various purposes, including accessing the (ISC)² member portal, verifying your certification status, and participating in (ISC)² activities and events.

To add this Member ID to your account, you first need to create a Personal Information Vault by navigating to your Profile Settings and clicking on Private Information.

After creating the Vault using a secret, you can now access the Private Information Tab:

Fill in your personal information, and for the CPE Credits part, you need to fill in your First and Last Name, your ISC2 Member ID, and click Save.

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