How to Register for Business CTF
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The world's largest CTF event for businesses is back, and the stakes have never been higher! Join the United Nations of Zenium, fight back against the Board of Arodor, and put your hacking skills to the ultimate test. Learn more about Business CTF 2023 here.

Registering for Business CTF

To register for Business CTF, you'll need to head to the dedicated event page and sign up. Business CTF requires you to verify your corporate email address, so make sure to have that ready to go.

First, click on the Sign Up button and search for your company. Your company may have multiple registrations if you are participating under different branches or regions.

If your company uses different email domains (like and for your different branches, you can opt to register a new company for your branch if you'd like (if no one else has already done so).

However, the same domain name cannot be used for more than one company, so you won't be able to split off like that if you only have one email domain.

If your company appears in the dropdown, great! Select it to move on to the next step.

f your company doesn't appear, or you are registering a new branch, click the Create a new business option and complete the form. Otherwise, fill out your information and hit Submit.

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If you are joining an existing company and your business email matches one of the associated domain names, you'll be prompted to fill in a verification code sent to your email. If you opted to register a new company, you'll need to wait for Hack The Box Staff to approve it manually.

If your domain name doesn't match the one associated with the company, you'll need to contact support for assistance. You can do this by clicking on your Profile Name and clicking Help & Support.

Once you've validated your email, you are all set! You are ready to participate in the CTF.

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