We are very excited to organize our iconic University CTF for the fourth consecutive year. We are prepared to welcome all universities worldwide to compete with exclusive content and, of course, learn while having fun!

We've made some changes since last year, so please be sure to read the following article carefully in order to ensure your smooth registration to University CTF 2022 - Supernatural Hacks.

Joining the CTF

To get started, head over to the University CTF 2022 Registration page. You'll be prompted to either login, or you can Create an Account if you don't already have on on our CTF Platform. Keep in mind that the CTF Platform does not use the same account as our other platforms.

Once you are logged in, you'll have the option to Sign Up to the CTF. Upon clicking this button, you'll be asked to select the University you are participating with from the dropdown menu.

Once you've selected your institution, you'll be prompted to enter your Full Name and Academic Email, as well as the name and email of your professor. Please enter this information accurately, and take care not to misspell your academic email. If you make a mistake here, you'll need to reach out to our support team to correct it.

If the domain/subdomain in your academic email matches what we already have on file for your University, a verification code will be sent to your inbox to finalize your registration.

If we don't recognize the domain/subdomain of your Academic Email, your registration will need to be manually approved by the Hack The Box team. We will be doing our best to review these as quickly as we can, but it will take sometime, so check back periodically.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact support.

After once your registration is approved and your academic email is verified, you'll be given a message confirming your registration and will be ready to compete in the CTF.

Registering a New University

If your University does not appear in the dropdown list, you can register it with the CTF Platform by clicking the Register your University button.

You'll be prompted to enter your University's information. Please enter the official name of your University, the country of the campus you are participating with, and the University website.

Next, you will be prompted for the same information mentioned earlier in this article:

  • Full Name

  • University Email

  • Professor Full Name

  • Professor Email

Once this information is submitted, it will be sent to the Hack The Box team to review. This will take sometime, so check back periodically. Once the approval process is complete, you will be able to verify your email and complete your registration, as detailed earlier in this article.

Playing in the CTF

Never played in a Hack The Box CTF before? Unsure how to spawn challenges, submit flags, and work on content? We have a dedicated article on the subject that covers all the main functionality of the platform.

Click the button below to learn more about Hack The Box CTFs:

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