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Introduction on how to play Battlegrounds - Server Siege mode on HTB Labs.

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Server Siege is the ultimate offensive battle of the hackers. A set of Machines are spawned, and two teams compete to see who can use their hacking prowess to own them first. Once you've hacked your way into a Machine, secure your position and race the other team to acquire the root flag.

Once both the user flag and the root flag have been submitted on a Machine, the flags can't be resubmitted, and that Machine has been essentially completed. Don't waste time on Machines where flags have already been submitted. Focus on Machines that haven't had both their user and root flags owned!

To join a game, select Server Siege from the Battles Options. Select either 2v2 or 4v4. If your game is a Private Game, enter your Private Code into the field and click on Find Match.

Once a match has been found, you will have to accept the match to confirm you'd like to participate.

Once you have accepted, the match will begin to load. You'll notice there is the Download .OVPN button here. Clicking on it will allow you to download your OpenVPN package in advance, but it will not connect until the match fully loads.

Once the match is fully loaded, you will be presented with the primary match screen for Server Siege.

Once the game is loaded, you'll be able to see the set of Machines spawned for the Server Siege match. The IP addresses will be to the right of their names, and underneath them, you'll see the current state of the user and root flags.

Clicking on the gear icon in the top left will bring up the match menu. From here, you can download the VPN package, disconnect from the game, or surrender.

You can also assign Machines to specific people. This helps you coordinate your efforts as you attempt to win the match.

Once you find a flag, be sure to submit it quickly! Remember, this is a race, so you want to be as fast as possible. You can find the flag submission Machine on the lower-right of the page.

Rules of Engagement

Also, during your gameplay, it's imperative to take note of the following rules:

General Rules

  • Players aren't supposed to shut down Machines.

  • Players are not allowed to change the root password of Machines.

  • Surrenders can’t be called before the 15-minute mark.

  • Helping the opponent team in any way and for whichever reasons can lead to

    disqualification. Any actions against the platform and HTB infrastructure itself are prohibited.

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